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Bail Bonds Scammer May Have Thousands of Victims

Posted on: 06/15/2011

Last week we talked about ways to make sure you are hiring a good bail bond agent. There are plenty of rotten apples out there, but the latest case of a bail bond scam is scary stuff indeed.

According to news reports, a Sacramento man named Michael Moynihan was recently arrested for an elaborate bail scam. He allegedly would impersonate a police officer to get information from about recently released inmates. He’s accused of  then calling the victim,  pretending to be a bail bondsman, telling them to pay more money or risk going back to jail.

Police think he had contacted people in more than 42 states and may have more than a thousand victims.  The story is still unfolding as police attempt to sift through the evidence. All we know is that it’s always a good idea to know exactly who you are dealing with. Find an agent that is local, reputable and check their license! There shouldn’t be any surprises with a good agent.

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