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ATM robbery in Livermore – Livermore Bail Bonds

Posted on: 04/06/2014

Livermore Police are investing an ATM robbery that occurred at a Bank of America on 4213 First street. According to the report a man dressed in all black approached a woman at an ATM around 10pm with a baseball bat and demanded that she give him all of her money.

The robber was described as a short Caucasian male around thirty years old and was seen escaping the scene in a red sedan. In addition to taking all of the woman’s money the robber was also able to steal her cell phone.

Immediately following the robbery the woman to a local business where she was able to call 911. Livermore police reported that the victim was not harmed during the robbery, but no arrests have been made yet. Local residents facing imprisonment in a criminal case may contact Livermore Bail Bonds for information on how to post bail.

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