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I-580 DUI Crash and Fatality

Posted on: 12/23/2013

The man who was arrested for suspicion of DUI in the recent I-580 crash has been released from Santa Rita Jail on $125,000 bail. The CHP has released the drivers name as 53-year-old Primitivo Garcia. They reported that Garcia had slammed into several vehicles before finally striking and a Jeep Cherokee at over 50 miles per hour. Upon impact both cars burst into flames. Primitivo and a passenger were able to escape his Hummer, but the driver of the Jeep was trapped and was not able to survive. The unfortunate victim of this fatal crash was 29-year-old Reed Whitaker; an EMT for Royal Ambulance in San Leandro.

As a result of this tragic accident Livermore and surrounding cities such as Dublin and Tracy have set up more DUI checkpoints in an attempt to improve public safety. They plan to continue to be proactive, enforcing preventative measures against DUIs especially during the holiday season.

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